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Promoting an inclusive and impactful school system that benefits the entire community through comprehensive education, empowering all children in Chatham County for lives of productivity and success.


Create Awareness

  • Develop comprehensive digital and word-of-mouth information strategies to proactively elevate community awareness regarding the activities and initiatives undertaken by SCCPSS.

  • Efficiently create and widely disseminate policy documents that vividly illustrate the profound influence of SCCPSS on regional economic development.

  • Place strong emphasis on highlighting and publicizing information that unequivocally showcases the far-reaching impact SCCPSS has on the entire community, encompassing all residents and businesses.

The ultimate outcome sought is a community that possesses a deep awareness of the detrimental consequences associated with a subpar school system and is empowered to take action.

Effective Advocacy

  • Establish a diverse array of strategic leverage points throughout the community, effectively influencing the SCCPSS Board of Education to drive positive transformations.

  • Continuously maintain heightened awareness of the impacts and ongoing changes within SCCPSS through meticulous information campaigns, encompassing both traditional media channels and targeted digital initiatives.

  • Leverage the cultivated awareness among the community to exert public pressure on the SCCPSS Board of Education and Staff, compelling them to enact progressive policy reforms.

The ultimate desired outcome is to witness a responsive elected leadership and dedicated staff members who actively implement meaningful and positive changes within SCCPSS, benefiting the entire educational ecosystem.

Culture of Accountability

  • Foster a culture deeply rooted in precise and reliable reporting practices within SCCPSS.

  • Strengthen the level of transparency throughout the SCCPSS budgeting process, ensuring a clear and comprehensive understanding of financial allocations.

  • Promote and inspire the SCCPSS Board of Education to adopt a proactive leadership role, taking full responsibility for guiding SCCPSS and being answerable for outcomes.

The ultimate outcome sought is a community and school system equipped with a precise and timely comprehension of the school system's performance, enabling informed decision-making and promoting a culture of accountability.

Chatham Educational Alliance Board of Directors

George Woods, Chair

Business Management Consultant

Gertrude Robinson

Retired SCCPSS Teacher and Administrator

Lenorris Williams

Realtor and Business Owner

Amy Brock

Marketing Professional and Business Owner

Gif Lockley

Retired Educator, Former Principal at Savannah Arts

Jae Di Lorenzo

Attorney, Financial Consultant

Jamal Barrow

US Air Force

Rick Roney

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